Our Approach

Five Things to Consider When You're Thinking About New Paint

  1. Why do some paint jobs last 10 + years and others only 3 or 5 years?
  2. Ever compute your annual exterior painting cost if the life of the job was 3-5 Years? Would that cost per year be less on a 10+ year paint job? Is the annual cost of your exterior re-paint within the target $800 to $ 1,400 per year range?
  3. If you wanted to do a 10+ year paint job on your home, how would you know that you're selecting a contractor who can deliver?
  4. If your last exterior paint job only lasted 3-5 years instead of 10+ years, do you know what your contractor did wrong?
  5. Does the contractor you're considering meet the following criteria?

    a. Is honest and has integrity
    b. Is a professional with knowledge, experience and training
    c. Has references to prove their company’s validity

It’s All in the Prep. (Or, Do Every Little Thing the Right Way.)

Our philosophy regarding prep work is our differentiator. When we say “It’s all in the prep,” we believe it. So much that it drives every aspect of our business. After all, when the goal is to deliver a ten-year-plus paint job (one that endures and looks great), the work has to be done right — at each and every step of the way.

exterior paiting and prep work

This means correctly identifying and repairing the cause and symptoms of your home’s problem areas (such as rotted surfaces caused by moisture intrusion) long before we pop the lid on a can of varnish, stain, primer or paint. It also means the proper cleaning of every surface, including pressure washing, scraping and sanding. Yes, it’s hard, dirty work, but it’s crucial to the longevity of the finish coat.

siding and exterior painting prep

Finally, when it comes to our approach, it’s not about the tools or equipment. It’s about the people and experience. And we have the best, most experienced and seasoned people in the industry. Carpenters, handymen, estimators, support staff and painters — experts all. And when you do see a fresh face among our crews, you’ll know that they’ve been trained and supervised by the best in the business.

interior painting kitchen

Call on Imhoff Painting Company today, and let the best painters in the Twin Cities prove to you that “It’s all in the prep.”

Did primers stop working? Or did we just quit using them?

Imagine a pyramid without a supporting base, or a truck without a steel frame. It’s the equivalent of paint without primer. Today, primers are better than ever before, and even more critical to a beautiful and long-lasting paint job. They flex. They breathe. They’re also optimized for specific substrates, including concrete, cedar, redwood, plywood, stucco, hard board, composites and more. Primers prevent moisture intrusion, stains, peeling, adhesion and rust, and protect against even the harshest of Minnesota weather conditions.

Yep. You got it. It’s all in the prep.