paint color consultation

Interior Paint Color Consultations

Choose Your Colors with Confidence

Color selection. For some it’s easy. But for many it’s the most difficult decision in the painting process. We can help. Our color consultations provide the perspective, information and tools you’ll need to confidently make color choices suited to your style and taste.

Interior Paint Color Consultation and Selection

Compared to just ten years ago, there are about a thousand more interior paint colors available on the market. While this dramatically expanded palette opens up the creative and aesthetic possibilities for your home, too many choices can also make a decision more difficult. A color consultation from Imhoff Painting Company will build confidence in your interior paint color choices by considering the following:

  • Overall interior design and aesthetic
  • Color psychology (using color to create the right tone or mood)
  • Lighting conditions (natural and artificial)
  • Space and room dimensions
  • The age or era of a home or space
  • Different application techniques
  • And more

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