wall paper hanging and removal

Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal. Two words that make homeowners everywhere cringe. Here in the Twin Cities, especially in older homes, it’s not uncommon for walls to be covered in multiple layers of the stuff. Even a single layer of wallpaper, if improperly installed, can be next to impossible to remove cleanly. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you’ve started your own wall paper removal project and are at an impasse due to its difficulty or scope, call on Imhoff Painting Company. Even better, get us involved before you start.

  • Wallpaper and border removal, including backing and glue
  • Priming, skim coating and wall repairs
  • Texture removal and wall smoothing

WallPaper Hanging

Yes. Wallpapers and borders are making a comeback. But it’s been such a long stretch of being “out of fashion” that finding an experienced hangar can be difficult to find. Look no further. Imhoff Painting Company is proud to offer the services of a Certified Paper Hanger. We’ve got you – and your home — covered, whether for multiple rooms or for that single, very unique space.

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